Transfer money easy and rapidly

Each account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Number) which allows companies and indivisuals to send funds straight to your account via bank transfer from anywhere in the world.

Spend your money anywhere

Get cash, quick
With the your Mastercard® card, you can withraw cash at any ATM worldwide.

Make payments
Use the Mastercard® card to purchase at stores and online.

Transfer money
Send funds to local bank accounts in +35 countries or another rapid account instantly.

European IBAN account for payments in euro

Open a European IBAN account online, without visiting the Bank. Accept payments from international customers and global marketplaces. Send money to your partners to bank accounts in Europe.

€ 4.25

Monthly Service Charge

€ 2.00 plus 0.5%

SEPA Incoming Payment

€ 200.000

IBAN Max Load

Mastercard® Card

Use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs, make purchases online and in stores worldwide. Contactless payments, Secure and with Multicurrency (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF).

€ 2.75

Monthly Service Charge

€ 750

ATM Daily Withdrawal

€ 3.000

POS daily spend